What’s All This, Then?

This document is a work in progress, as of the end of July, 2018. Not all of the sections have been written to completion yet, so do check back.

This is a course for programmers and others working with source code,
but it is not a programming course. We may do a little programming here and there, but primarily, this is the other stuff, the supporting technologies that go along with being a programmer that too often get neglected by those working with technology. With that in mind, I’ve named it:

Everything But The Code

In this course, you will learn several valuable skills that programmers, developers and dev-ops use. Much of it relates to Linux and Unix, but it all works for Windows and Mac users as well.
It’s not a programming course–in fact, it’s everything but.
What I’d like to show you is all of the stuff that goes along with programming, the stuff that too often holds people back.

Audience - Who is this for?

This course requires more interest than experience. That is, there really aren’t any prerequisites, but this is for people who enjoy hacking away at computers and want to get some new skills.
It’s also perfect for those who have been writing and deploying code, but are missing certain skills that are holding them back.

Computers and Operating Systems

Much of the technologies we’ll be using come from the world of Linux and Unix, but I’ve tried to limit what we cover to be usable on Linux, OS X and Windows, (using Git Bash to give us a Unix-like environment.)
All of the software used in this course is open source and/or free to use.

Use Cases